Stay at Home Challenge!

Challenge copy

The message is to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives!

We know it’s no fun not being able to go out and not socialise, not see your friends and no enjoy playing sports, but it’s important we all pull together in the same direction. Hopefully you’ll all be receiving work from your schools so that you stay on top of your learning, but we’ve got a Stay at Home Challenge booklet for you to work through as well.

Made up of 45 pages, our downloadable booklet gives school children a number of educational exercises to enjoy, while maintaining enjoyment, involving football and keeping them engaged while there being content relevant to junior school learners.

All of the challenges and tasks are designed to be completed from home. If you have any problems, questions or just want to show off your great work through videos and pictures, then please find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Once your booklet is completed, you will receive a SUFC prize! Send completed copies of your work to